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Welcome to the Jackuul Empire!

    The Jackuul Empire is a collective of sites and resources to entertain you, and to help take over the world. From RPG games to scripts for sale, the Jackuul Empire is bent on dominating your needs and enslaving your mind to our entertainment. Only you can help take over the world!
    Cy13 and WastelandsRPG are the two games created for your entertainment, the Utopia Project attempts to describe the future in the Empire, and k5p.com offers scripts (check the dev blog there for news)! Additional projects are always in the works, so check back when you can.
    Also, if you click 'Sites' at the top, you will be given a full list of Empire sites. The Jackuul Media link is primarily an archive of past sites - visit it for MafiaRPG or MSRP related archives - and the Empire Wiki.